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Endpoint Compliance

Powerful Technology to Remediate Endpoint Security and Compliance Issues

Many organizations must comply with both internal and regulatory frameworks (such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI). Monitoring and maintaining compliance on endpoints in a wide-ranging environment can be a serious challenge. OPSWAT Endpoint Compliance technology detects and classifies which applications are installed on any endpoint and enables organizations like yours to monitor and manage these applications. It helps them assess and, in many cases, remediate application-specific settings. It is a powerful tool that helps organizations stay in control of their compliance responsibilities.

Our Endpoint Compliance technology supports over 5,000 applications, grouped in more than ten categories, like anti-malware, personal firewall, disk encryption, patch management, and browsers. For each detected product, it reports on vendor, categories, product version, running state, authenticity, installation directories, as well as the category-specific information. Over 30 different remediation actions are also available, to help enforce compliance policies.

Capabilities and Benefits

Insight. Speed. Scale.

Endpoint Anti-Malware Detection- compliance checks whether anti-malware and firewall products are compliant and helps remediate uncompliant products. OPSWAT can check and update malware definitions, launch a full system scan, verify and enable real-time protection, examine the state of the firewall and enable it if needed, etc. 

User Authentication compliance- checks whether adequate user authentication and screen lock timeouts are set. This enables organizations to more easily minimize the risk of data theft and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Disk Encryption compliance- checks whether a disk encryption application is installed on any connected device and reports which portions of a disk are encrypted. This process leverages our patented method for assessing the encryption status of selected disks (Patent No. 10,229,069), and operates independently of third-party encryption algorithms and configurations.

Patch Management compliance- checks and verifies the status of patch management applications installed on any endpoint, whether Mac, Windows, or Linux. It queries installed patch management clients to detect and report on missing patches for the OS and for installed applications, providing detailed severity information for compliance purposes. It can also fetch and install missing operating system patches and seamlessly deliver automatic application updates to end users.

Other compliance functions- check whether anti-phishing is disabled on the endpoint, whether a backup application is installed and when the last backup occurred and determine if the disk is reaching its full capacity. Endpoint Compliance technology enables organizations that must comply with regulatory frameworks (such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI) to easily gather information from endpoints to help them achieve compliance.

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