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Endpoint Malware Detection

Detect Malware, Even in Compliant Devices

Organizations need fast, reliable malware detection that ensures endpoint protection by disallowing any malware access to the network, making the entire network a safe zone.

OPSWAT’s Endpoint Malware Detection technology uses signature, heuristics, and machine learning (AI) to detect a wide variety of threats at the gateway, before they enter a network. We designed it to be extremely fast, use minimal system resources, and to provide anti-malware protection for static analysis.

OPSWAT’s Endpoint Malware Detection technology has one distinct advantage over other solutions: it can learn, by building its knowledge base from our multiscanning results. This enables it to produce high detection rates for recent threats. It also has an increasingly low false positive rate, because we analyze samples continuously with multiple anti-malware engines and use the resulting data to train our intelligent Endpoint Malware Detection technology.

Capabilities and Benefits

Assess. Block. Remediate.

  • This technology’s Process Scanning examines running processes and their loaded libraries, to enable organizations like yours to do a fast assessment of each endpoint. It complements their local anti-malware products by leveraging the multiscanning technology embedded in MetaDefender Core or MetaDefender Cloud.
  • Its Connection Scanning identifies each endpoint’s active network connections and analyzes the reputation of each IP, by leveraging the IP reputation sources that MetaDefender Cloud provides. Each of these tens of reputation sources provides a confidence level and enables the organization to detect malicious connections easier.
  • Finally, OPSWAT Endpoint Malware Detection technology’s Repeated Endpoint Threat Reporting integrates with an organization’s local anti-malware solution and identifies any persistent identified threat the solution has failed to detect or remove. This can help organizations discover possible infections quicker and provide a faster response.

OPSWAT Products That Use This Technology

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