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Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment

Trust application and device access to critical networks

Every device connected to your network is an endpoint. Each device is an entry point for infection. Endpoint vulnerability is further multiplied by the number of applications on each device and whether each application complies with security policies. Even a modest enterprise can have thousands of potential vulnerabilities—due to compromised installed applications and missing or outdated operating system patches.

OPSWAT’s Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment technology scans endpoints for vulnerabilities. Applications and operating systems with outdated versions or missing patches can be updated—automatically.

Capabilities and Benefits

Assess. Block. Remediate.

Network administrators must evaluate and prioritize countless variables on devices and applications on:

  • Which applications are installed?
  • Do they have known vulnerabilities?
  • Which versions of applications are outdated?
  • Have the latest operating system patches been installed?

With the capability to detect and classify over 5,000 applications, OPSWAT’s Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment technology assesses common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs). Reports outline which devices are most vulnerable, the level of severity, and the necessary steps for remediation. Some vulnerabilities may be minor and do not warrant remediation.

Sometimes installing an updated patch can introduce new vulnerabilities. With OPSWAT’s Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment technology, administrators can gauge the impact of remediating each endpoint—to inform decision- making and allocate resources with confidence. Avoid regulatory and internal compliance violations by confirming that all devices are up-to-date and secure.

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